Cool Apps for Windows Mobile on TP2: Midomi (Updated)

Fed up with your unoriginal IPhone mates digging into your Windows Mobile for lack of cool apps? Well I am here to help with some great examples of good looking, useful and touch friendly applications that run on windows 6.0 or above. First up its music recognition app “Midomi”. Now this one is a bit special since its been ripped from a Samsung windows build. The application is available to download here but use at your own risk!

Having played with it this is a really cool application and I look forward to a proper release from Midomi for the Windows platform – not to say this version is not usable but it only seems to work with WiFi (not 3G). I expect your after some screenshots so here you go, the entire lifecycle from inputting your song to getting the results to even buying the tune (the  money punch!).

**UPDATE** Now works over data connection. Thanks to Ikkara from XDA. All you have to do is use your registry editor of choice to change:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Melodis\Midomi\midomiGU IDType

From 3 to 1.



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Use your TouchPro2 as a WiFi Access Point

This allows you to connect your laptop to your TP2 without wires and use it as a WiFi access point, note you will be charged as per normal from your phone operator so best for those that have Unlimited plans. The software available here works like a treat and is very easy to install just note you have to go directly into  \windows\CMInternetsharing.exe to run it (but just create a shortcut).

Very cool and its from HTC.

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Off Topic: Calendar Synch Windows Mobile with Google Calendar

Two options exist, google synch allows you to push synch your google calendar with windows mobile or you can use Personally I use the latter and it works great. Now Google just need to allow sync for Tasks…come on already!

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HTC Touch Pro2 Hacks – Part 2 – G-sensor Everything

So you want to be able to automatically rotate Calendar and Album to landscape when you rotate the handset WITHOUT sliding the keyboard? Makes sense but for some reason HTC left these out with G-sensor. There are 3rd party application but they can slow down the device. The best way is to employ a registery edit. Thankfully someone over on XDA Forums has already gone to the effort to create the .reg file. Here is what you need to do…

1. Download a tool to allow you to import .reg files and apply them. I suugest FDC “Task Manager” from here a really cool task manager tool with ability to associate .reg files to it.

2. Download the .reg update from here . I strongly suggest you register with xda-developers its an awesome forum.

3. Get the .reg file onto your device (if you dont have cable to hand just email it over)

4. Run Task Manager. Go to Menu -> Options -> Create RegEdit Shortcut (This associates .reg files with Task Manager)

5. Open the .reg file, it will ask if you wish to apply the changes which of course you do…job done!

Note – if you open the .reg file first in notepad you can choose which applications to appy G-sensor too. So edit first before opening.

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HTC Touch Pro2 Hacks – Part 1 – Enable Geo-Tagging on Photos

So you have your TouchPro2 but want to tweak it, thats the beauty of a phone with  Windows its perfectly possible and there are a tonne of tweaks/hacks and clever upgrades already available.

First stop has to be Tracy&Matts advanced tweaking guide. By the way, for the newbie tweakers there are two types of tweaks, those packaged up as a single download that install themselves (CAB files) and those that require editing of the registery to get the desired effect. I will stay away from ROM hacking just for now.

The highlight for me is the ability to turn on extra hidden camera modes including geo-tagging which basically remebers where you are in the world when you take a photo. Sites like picassa and flickr then use that information when you upload your photo.

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HTC Touch Pro2 now on Vodafone

Directly available via their Business unit.
24 months, 1000mins,250texts + data for £35pm + VAT
Phone is free.

Hopefully available online soon so you can Quido this deal.

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HTC Touch Pro2 Unbox Video – Tracy And Matt


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