Gizmondo comments on HTC Touch Pro2

Full article here 

..The Pro2 is treated to most of the same upgrades [ed= as Diamond 2]. Its screen stretches to a full 3.6 inches, which is just .2 inches smaller than the monstrous TouchHD. It gets a louder speakerphone system and less-pixely camera than the Diamond2, but retains the larger battery and slide-out QWERTY keyboard that originally distinguished its dad from the Diamond.

Battery life is apparently boosted by 50% on the Diamond2 and “improved” on the Pro2, a change which is more than welcome, as this is one of the areas where the original Diamond/Pro fell down. Other, less immediately interesting new features include “HTC Push Internet”, which is essentially pre-loads parts of your favorite webpages, and the inauspiciously-named “Straight Talk“, which allows for easy transitions between text or email communications and regular or group phone calls, letting you immediately initiate a conference call with, say, the recipients of an email thread.

A few things don’t sit will here—mainly the lack of internal memory and lost touchwheel—but anyone who has used the TouchHD knows that the enhanced resolution is a welcome change. And not to repeat an all-too-obvious grievance, but HTC fans have long said that the Diamond and Pro should have been the company’s Android handsets from the get-go, so it’s hard to avoid being slightly disappointed by Windows Mobile 6.1, again.


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