[Reviews] Extensive Reviews of HTC Touch Pro2

htc_touch_pro2_review_23Two are currently up on the web, not in English but one in Russian (of course from mobile-review) and the other in Dutch (from windows phone) some serious amount of depth here. Use Google Translator to read in your language of choice but here are some quick notes from the Review thanks to our friends at msnmobiles.com…

  • equipped with Straight Talk Technology and People Centric Communication – for improved teleconferencing
  • HTC Touch FLO 3D works now also in landscape orientation!
  • metal band surrounding the edge of the device – similar like in iPhone
  • front facing camera for video calling
  • the only bad thing: lack of 3.5 mm stereo mini plug and only the HTC ExtUSB proprietary headset connector (that is backwards compatible with miniUSB for charging and sync)
  • size: roughly the same as iPhone but thicker due to having QWERTY keyboard with tilt mechanism and keyboard with rows that are shifted (like in real computer keyboard for touch-typing); … but display bigger than in iPhone!
  • display slightly smaller than in HTC Touch HD but still bigger than in HTC Touch Diamond2 and due to having latest enhancements of HTC it is faster and smoother than HTC Touch HD
  • keyboard has backlight
  • the tilt mechanism is fantastic – you can put this phone on the desk and look at display comfortably and use it even very well in this position
  • also features, known from HTC Touch Diamond2, the “zoom bar” under the display – since it doesn’t have multi-touch like Palm Pre or iPhone, users must use this as workaround
  • accelerometer is included
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