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HTC Touch Pro2 Hacks – Part 2 – G-sensor Everything

So you want to be able to automatically rotate Calendar and Album to landscape when you rotate the handset WITHOUT sliding the keyboard? Makes sense but for some reason HTC left these out with G-sensor. There are 3rd party application but they can slow down the device. The best way is to employ a registery edit. Thankfully someone over on XDA Forums has already gone to the effort to create the .reg file. Here is what you need to do…

1. Download a tool to allow you to import .reg files and apply them. I suugest FDC “Task Manager” from here a really cool task manager tool with ability to associate .reg files to it.

2. Download the .reg update from here . I strongly suggest you register with xda-developers its an awesome forum.

3. Get the .reg file onto your device (if you dont have cable to hand just email it over)

4. Run Task Manager. Go to Menu -> Options -> Create RegEdit Shortcut (This associates .reg files with Task Manager)

5. Open the .reg file, it will ask if you wish to apply the changes which of course you do…job done!

Note – if you open the .reg file first in notepad you can choose which applications to appy G-sensor too. So edit first before opening.


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