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HTC Touch Pro2 Hacks – Part 1 – Enable Geo-Tagging on Photos

So you have your TouchPro2 but want to tweak it, thats the beauty of a phone with  Windows its perfectly possible and there are a tonne of tweaks/hacks and clever upgrades already available.

First stop has to be Tracy&Matts advanced tweaking guide. By the way, for the newbie tweakers there are two types of tweaks, those packaged up as a single download that install themselves (CAB files) and those that require editing of the registery to get the desired effect. I will stay away from ROM hacking just for now.

The highlight for me is the ability to turn on extra hidden camera modes including geo-tagging which basically remebers where you are in the world when you take a photo. Sites like picassa and flickr then use that information when you upload your photo.


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